Yep! Metroworks has adopted an elephant – welcome Malkia!

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust does great work in Kenya rescuing and caring for elephants and other African wildlife that have been orphaned. Their teams rescue animals from their circumstances – some orphaned by poachers, some by drought, some by human-animal conflict and others stuck in mud or wells. The aim is to rehabilitate them in safety so they can enjoy their life back in the wild when they are healthy and grown.

Rescued on 16 September 2016, when she was only around 6 months old Malkia is now nearly 4 years old and too cute to believe! As part of the adoption process, we get regular updates on her progress and will be able to follow her as she blends into her new herd. Malkia was the daughter of a beautiful matriarch who was a regal old lady of the plains of Tsavo. Sadly, the drought in 2016 was too much for her aging body to bear and she died leaving milk-dependent ¬†Malkia at her side. Malkia was undernourished presumably as a result of her mother’s compromised condition and lack of milk.

But the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust have skilfully nursed her back to health and she is doing well along with her other orphan brothers and sisters. She is apparently a “very determined and mischievous little girl” who has been “loving and affectionate to her Keepers from the outset”.

Melissa is very proud to play even a small part in Malkia’s future. You can join in the love too and adopt your own elephant, rhino or giraffe through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Just click on this link: and follow the directions.

See the video of Malkia’s rescue and recovery below.