Do I Need an Architect for My Project?

You will need an architect for your project if: 

  • You are undertaking a large scale project – such as a major renovation or a new house, or maybe even a house with a basement garage – Metroworks projects typically range in construction cost from $500,000 up to and over $2 million
  • You want a one-off design – specifically designed for your site and tailored to meet the needs of you and your family – no two designs for Metroworks clients are ever the same
  • You need help to manage your project form start to finish – Melissa will be there to guide you all the way with a fully customisable service – from “on-call” through to full contract administration
  • You want a distinctly high end finish with “wow factor” – that’s Metroworks specialty! – Melissa has a keen eye for detail and is constantly in touch with the latest industry developments in building and design

For more information on what architects do and how Metroworks can help you get your project off the ground click here.

So How Can Metroworks Architects Help You?

Metroworks Architects is the sole practice of registered architect – Melissa Fleming. Every project maintains a strong focus on You – The Client.

Since the practice opened in 2000, Metroworks Architects has received recognition in the media and publishing worlds and our projects have also won numerous awards.But despite all that glitz and glamour, the practice maintains a focus on providing architectural design solutions that are both beautiful and practical. Melissa doesn’t dictate elements that must be included in the design, but rather provides you with the information that you need to make important decisions. Often, there will be more than one way to solve a design issue. An architect’s role is to present you with options, discuss the pros and cons of each and then step back to allow you to make your decision.

The only right answer is the one that’s right for You. 

Homes designed just for you and specifically for your site. Melissa is able to assist you with the whole project, from the first sketched idea right through the detailed design to project handover. If you don’t yet have a site to build on, she can also help you assess the suitability of a potential site prior to purchase.
Do you need more space to accommodate your growing family, or perhaps your house is a little tired and showing its age? With extensive experience in home renovations, Melissa is able to create a design solution that will turn an older home into one that suits a more modern lifestyle.
The wide range of options available for colours, finishes and fittings can make their selection throughout all areas of your project appear a daunting and overwhelming task. That can easily be alleviated by calling on Melissa’s experience to narrow down the options for you, presenting samples and information from which you can make your final selections.
Sometimes a building project can be made up of a number of smaller projects which may need to be staged for financial or other reasons. For those projects, its a good idea to have a Master Plan prepared to set out the scope of all parts of the project as a whole. This allows you to plan each stage and avoid costly overlap. It is equally important to assess the feasibility of projects before you begin – does your budget match your brief?
A relatively new service offered by Metroworks, why not complete your project with a garden also designed by your architect? Maintain design consistency and further enhance the connections between indoor and outdoor areas. Melissa can help you with soft and hard landscaping features including plant selection, garden beds, paths, lighting and watering systems.
Although new home design & major renovations are Melissa’s specialty, she is also able to work on larger projects such as townhouse and apartment developments, commercial fit outs, as well as medical and dental practice design.