Architects have the training and experience necessary to guide you through all aspects of the design, approval and construction process. In order to be allowed to legally use the title “Architect” we are required to complete a minimum of 5 years of study along with two years of recorded, practical work experience and a professional registration exam. Architects are also subject to Professional Conduct Regulations governing their service to clients. For some, outside of the initial house or land purchase, a building or renovation project may involve one of the largest sums of money they spend in a lifetime. It just makes sense to get the best advice you can from a trusted professional before making such a large investment. Architect-designed buildings are also becoming more and more desirable (and therefore more valuable) as the market place becomes increasingly design-concious, sophisticated and aware. In fact in a recent media release, Archicentre figures indicate that renovations and homes designed by Architects can increase the property value by at least 10%. Click here and download the Fact Sheet “Architects Add Value” for more information.