While project homes have a place in the market providing affordable housing, they have several disadvantages when compared to architect designed homes. For a start, they are an off-the-shelf “product” meaning that they have been designed to suit a large number of clients on a large number of “typical” sites. The quirks of your particular site are usually not taken into consideration, that is the design does not consider the sun aspect, slope, neighbouring buildings, street character, views etc. Project homes often have a style that is recognisable and therefore can date quickly and lose value. By their nature, project homes are built quickly and to a price, and so their finish can be lacking. Additionally, project homes companies typically do not work on renovation projects and so cannot help you to assess the pros and cons of renovation vs new build. On the other hand, an architect-designed home will be designed specifically to suit your site and your design brief. Although this is typically a more expensive way to design your new home, some architect-designed homes can be cost effective and the design tweaked to ensure you get value for money where it counts. While the construction costs of these houses are also often more expensive, the attention to design detail and build quality ensure the house a greater longevity and value. Unlike project homes, with a one-off, architect-designed house you have an unlimited choice of design style and finish and a home that is truly your own.