Start by giving Metroworks Architects a call or drop Melissa an email! Initially, Melissa will discuss your project over the phone or by email with you, to determine if she can help. A suitable project will be large enough or of high enough quality or complexity to justify the services of an architect and will have a scope of works that can be served by your budget. Before your project begins and before Melissa is engaged as your Architect, she recommends that you first proceed with a “Discovery Package”. You will meet Melissa on site to discuss your project needs and share initial design ideas. Melissa will then prepare a report that includes a Design Brief, Feasibility Review, Regulation Review as well as a Schedule of Services and Fee Proposal – specifically for your project. Further detail on the Discover Package is provided on this page. Once engaged, invoices are sent out regularly and include detailed itemised statements of work done. Typically, Metroworks doesn’t charge percentage fees – each stage of your project is discreet and separate so you are not locked into completing further stages with us if your situation changes. You are free to take on our services stage-by-stage. We can be engaged to complete just the concept design stage, for full service or somewhere in between.